The Online Project

I have lost all my electronic copies of S&S work. Thus it will take a LONG time for me to put the entire 30 years worth of S&S stuff on to the web (yes my scanner will be working overtime!)

My first web concersion project is probably Doug Johnson's Sudan Special, probably the most most requested S&S back issue. In my opinion it is the definitive source an amateur historian needs in order to game the period.

After that's out of the way, I'll probably start work on Vol. 21 through Vol. 24, the last five years of S&S in print under my editorship. What follows is a list of which articles from which issue will be reprinted. If you want to volunteer to proof read scanned text (probably the job that I need done the most), feel free to email me!

Volume No. Article Name Status
Special Sudan Special, By Doug Johnson In progress
XX 4 The Congella Incident, By Anthony R. Tucker Done
4 The Dahomean Army, By Ron Vaughan Done
4 Some Tactical Notes on the British Army, 1837-1901, By Ted Brown In progress
XXI 2/3 Fire and Sword In Sumatra (The Dutch Atchinese War), By Hans Von Stockhausen waiting
2 French Saharian Troops, By Ron Vaughan Done
3 Kambula, By Gary Price waiting
4 The Paiute Indian War, By D.A. Sn\ith waiting
XXII 1 The Colonial Wars of Imperial Germany, By Paul Beck Done
1 Intro to French Indo-China, By Lynn Bodin waiting
2 Brave Men's Blood (Zulu War), By Brandon Chamberlain waiting
2 Intro to U.S. vs. The Philippine Insurgents, By Lynn Bodin waiting
3/4 In the Steppe Of Central Asia, By Paul Hinson In progress
3 Beginner's Guide to Collecting British Militaria, By Grant Sigsworth waiting
XXIII 1/2 Machete And Musket (Yucatan Indian Uprising), By Hans Von Stockhausen waiting
1 British Tactical Doctrine in the High Colonial Period, By Howard Whitehouse waiting
3 Armies of the Sokoto Caliphate, By Ron Vaughan waiting
3 Raid on Sapri, By Hans Von Stockhausen waiting
4 A Wargame in Paradise, By Ron Vaughan waiting
4 Uniforms and Equipment of the Italian Corpo Speciale Per L'Africa, 1885-1887, By Marco Fantozzi waiting
XXIV 1/2/3 Notes on the Dark Continent, by Howard Whitehouse Done
1 Massacre at Benin (update), By Hans Von Stockhausen waiting
2 Mutiny at Cibicu, By Hans Von Stockhausen waiting
4 Science vs. Pluck and the Boer War, By Grant Sigsworth In progress
4 The Egyptian Army and the War Against Ethiopia, By John Dunn In progress
4 "Several Great Blunders" (Custer), By Hans Von Stockhausen In progress