Notes on the Dark Continent, Part III (12/1/00)
I finally got my act together and out part III of Howard's article on the web (here). Chick has sent it to me month ago, but I was too busy/lazy to put it on. Hope you enjoy it.

Notes on the Dark Continent, Part II (9/18/00)

Here's Part II of Howard's article. Part III should be available by the end of this week.

Notes on the Dark Continent, Part I (9/11/00)

So has it really been that long since I worked on this site? I've spent most of my free time nowadays working on my 25mm Peking Legation building for my upcoming convention game. I've already finished all the Old Glory buildings that I've bought. I've finished scatch building the Tartar Wall sections, and the last thing I have to do to fished the darn city is to finish the canal. I am almost there! The game is suppose to be presented during the October minicon, so fingers crossed!

So it is with pleasant surprise when I got mail from Chick Lewis when he mentioned that he has gotten Howard Whitehouse assortment of articles on the Dark Continent finished already, and all I have to do is to get it on the web, how easy can it get? I have Part I here ready for you, and it'll make excellent background material for using those Foundry figures.

Lightning from the Clouds: The U.S. Army and the Moro Wars (1/23/00)

Happy new year and welcome to my first update after a long hiatus (working too hard). John Switzer had finished this article as early as last October, but I was just too busy to touch hobby stuff. Now that our software finally reached feature complete, I should have a lot more time on my hand...

This article on the Moro Wars is one of my favorite. With the recent release of Old Glory's Moro War figures, there's now no excuse for gaming this facinating period of U.S. Colonial war. Read it here.


"Triumph & Glory for only 2 Lire a Day"-The Battle of Coatit (11/16/99)

Robert Avery webified this article on the Italian colonial wars by Ron Vaughan. Read it here.

Introduction to The U.S. vs the Philippine Insurgents (10/31/99)

Rick Sanders has kindly sent in the webified version of Lynn Bodin's article. It's a good starting point to get you hooked on this interesting American colonial campaign. Read it here.

Desert Column (9/2/99)

It's finally here! The latest article webified is the Desert Column, 1884-5 from the Sudan special. Read it here.

Progress? (8/23/99)

I"ve been too busy playing/painting, and not enough time working on S&S. For that I apologize (my original dream is to have something new every month or so, sigh...)

The next article on from the Sudan special should be up shortly. I am also in the process of sending out the next batch of articles to volunteers. If you've expressed interest in scanning articles in the past, expect an email sometime this week....


Bob Burke's new email address (8/23/99)

Bob just informed me that he has a new email address (actual I knew about it for a while, just forgot to update the page). His new email address is here. Note that Bob can only reprint whole issues, NOT individual articles.

New article index (5/2/99)

S&S back issue keeper of the flame Bob Burke has sent me his updated S&S article database, organized by subject. You can read about it by clicking on the "Articles" tab. If you are interested in ordering reprints of S&S back issues, you can contact Bob directly via email here.

Russian Central Asia (5/2/99)

John Switzer just sent in the webified Russian Central Asia article, by Paul Hinson. Along with Old Glory's new Boxer Rebellion figures which are usable for Central Asian conflict, this article should give some good background material for anyone interested on wargaming this facinating theater. You can read it here.

Some Tactical Notes on the British Army (3/23/99)

This article by Ted Brown appeared in Vol. XX, No 4 issue of S&S (Lynn's last issue). It's been webifyed by Tim Besko a LONG time ago! It's just been sitting in my mail box all these times. I finally got my act together to put it on the web. Thanks Tim! You can read it here.

Mahdist Flags (3/10/99)

Rob Mahoney sent in this excellent article on Mahdist flags a while back (the middle of Febuary in fact!) I was too busy doing a job search so I didn't get a chance to put the article on the web. Now that I finally quit my old job, it's time to catch up on S&S. After reading this article, you have no excuse not to have "anatomically correct" Ansar flags for your next game. Read it here.

Myth of Ansar Firepower (1/22/99)

Happy new year to all of you! It's been a hectic month both at work and at home. It's hard to believe that it's been more than a month since I touched this site. After the holidays I've found volunteers for each and every articles in the Sudan special. If all of the volunteer comes through in time, I plan to have all the Sudan Special finished by the end of Febuary.

Ian Croxall is the first one to respond. When I say first I mean he had the article done within a DAY after he got it. Can't complain about the speed on this one. You can check out his work here.

German Colonial Wars (12/7/98)

I have had the files from John Switzer for quite a while now, just didn't have the time to put the web page together. After a month worth of delay, here it is!

Battle of Ginnis (11/9/98)

I just finished the next installment of the Sudan special. You can read about the Battle of Ginnis here.

John Switzer just finished webifying an article on German colonial wars. I should have it up sometime this week.

Two more articles in (10/25/98)

Tim Besko has done it again! He is now working to scan in Vol. XX No. 4, and the first two articles in are a piece on the Congella Incident (S. Africa) by Anthony R. Tucker (here), and another piece on the Dahomean Army by Ron Vaughan (here).

French Saharian Troops is now online! (10/6/98)

Volunteer Tim Besko has finished webifying the French Saharian Troops article by Ron Vaughan. Read it here.

Red Coats in the Sudan is now online! (10/4/98)

The second article from the Sudan special is online. Read it here.

Project Update (10/4/98)

Many helpful folks have volunteered for the grunt work of putting S&S on the web (scanning, proofreading, etc), a hearty thanks for their effort! You can check out the "Project" page here to see what articles are to make their appearence soon (see "In progress" in red for the newly added entries).

First Article from the Sudan Special is Here! (9/22/98)

Here it is, the first article for S&S Online! It is the first piece in The Sudan Special Issue. It's an in depth article on the Egyptian Army, covering the period 1880-1900. It is written by S&S founding editor Doug Johnson. You can read it here.

New Project Section is now online (9/22/98)

The "project" button you see on your left is now alive, and it links to sort of a loose time table of upcoming articles. All the entries that has the status "waiting" basically hasn't had any work done on them, and if you would like to "adopt an article" and get it web-ified, send me a note.

Welcome (9/14/1998)

Welcome to the new Savage and Solder Online website! For those of you who do not know, Savage and Soldier was a traditional ink-on-paper periodical that has served the colonial gaming community since 1965 (which makes it the oldest period specific miniature -zine in the world).

The story behind S&S itself is quite long and involved, (I'll save that for another day). Just to make a long one short though, after close to a four year absence, I am trying to bring all 30 years worth of the back issues to cyberspace. Most of the material in S&S have dated quite well, and I think their availability on the web would be a great resource for the colonial buffs out there.

It is still quite early in the project, which involves scanning in all the S&S articles (words and pictures), and even a chance to make changes to them (given the author's consent). I do not have any articles on this site yet, but I'll make frequent announcement on the, and the news group as articles appear.

Furthermore, I am also looking for volunteers to scan articles, correct scanner mistakes, proof-read, etc. If you are interested in doing so, please email me (the email button is the only live link on this site at this point).

This site should be expanding rapidly in the month to come! Keep in touch!

Milton Soong